Forest Bathing

Forest Bathing

Posted by Amber Ashley on Feb 6th 2024

Also known as Forest Therapy, Shinrin-Yoku is an active engagement with all of your senses, and beyond. This is some powerful Earth Medicine at its finest. Based on ancient beliefs of animism, that everything is alive, this practice is one of deep connection.

Listening to all of the noises - internal and external. Communicating with the deeper realms. Listening to the changing sounds of the forest as the seasons change - similar to how our internal environment changes over time.

Smelling the forest, the smell of the loamy soil, the smell of the evergreens, the aroma of decomposing matter. Life transforming.

In forest therapy, there are the 5 senses, but there is something beyond, it’s the heart sense. It is opening to a deeper connection with yourself, and thus all that surrounds. To find what feels good, what is bringing pleasure in the moment. What is calling to you? What are you calling in?

It is time to get out of our own minds and connect with something greater. That we are not separate from nature. We are actually one with nature.

We have created 2 magical products to help connect with yourself and nature, even when you aren’t physically in the Forest.

Our Forest Bathing CBD Bath Fizz and a Forest Bathing CBD Massage Oil.

Try them out and let us know what you think (and feel!)