Our Story



Here at Inesscents, our goal to provide a means to healthy, glowing skin as well as to raise awareness in and around how the world does business. Not only do we rely on certified organic, wild harvested and fair trade raw materials, ensuring sustainable farming practices and living wages for our famers, we make sure all our employees are paid fair and living wages.

It is our strong local + global community that allows us to continue to grow and thrive. Although we are not defined by the certifications we hold, we certainly appreciate the value in them and the affirmations they provide to our customer base and community. We have been a B Corporation since 2008, Certified Organic since 2009 and Certified Fair Trade since 2014.

Each raw material we use has its own sourcing story. Our local organic herb farm where our calendula flowers are grown, our organic almond farm in California who grow + cold-press our almond oil or the villages in West Africa where village women produce our shea butter according to traditional methods; Every farmer and processor matters to us. These small producers help ensure vibrancy and vitality of the ingredients they produce, while being provided living wages and fair market prices which are vital to a thriving economy within these communities.

Once we receive these raw materials, we melt, blend, bottle, label and ship each and every finished product we produce. It’s important to us to maintain the efficacy and therapeutic benefits these botanicals, oils and butters provide. The more that we can maintain the purity of each component, the easier it is to send our products into the world. It’s all in the details, and we love details.


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