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"I absolutely cannot live without your African Shea Butter! It is so much smoother than anything else I have seen on the market (probably because of the lovely organic jojoba oil you put in it!). Please send me more!" - M. Neat

"I rarely give testimonies about a product but I had to write and tell you because I was so impressed. This is the most luxurious, gentle and wonderful soap I have ever used! I use it on my face and I wash my hair with it. I have used many other natural soaps in the past but this soap impressed me the most; my skin just loves it. I love how it lathers; it's so gentle with a very low amount of lather, but I like that. And it washes off completely and your skin is instantly softened, brightened and tightened. I have very difficult skin (oily and dry) but this soap benefits my skin the most more than any other soap or facial cleanser I have ever used in my whole life; I am so glad I found it. I will be telling others about and will probably be giving them out as gifts as well. I am so great full for such a high-quality product; I feel that I am using the best; and the price is so affordable. Your company is a blessing to me and will be to many others as well. I'm very thankful." - S. Ovid

"I have absolutely fallen in love with your products. The African Shea Oil has made my skin feel so smooth and silky. It has really had quite an emollient effect on some of my more stubborn skin areas. I am so pleased, I find myself wishing I could bathe in it!" - L. Wayne

"I never knew that there was so much variety in patchouli oils! The customers in our store clearly choose (and love) Inesscents Patchouli Anointing Oil. I don’t know what you do to it…but it is clearly superior!" - Moriah

"I totally love Inesscents Jojoba Butter! I can not believe I have been buying over the counter expensive age defying moisturizers when something so simple, works so well! Thanks!" - U. Kate

"I am a very natural person and after hours of searching on-line and in local stores for products that met my criteria, I found Inesscents! I love that their body oils are organic, cold-pressed and come in glass jars. I couldn't find any other company on-line or locally that satisfied both the organic/cold-pressed conditions AND put their products in glass, not plastic! I contacted Inesscents to ask a few more questions before my purchase and the office manager, Heather, got back to me right away. Her response was warm and informative. I wholeheartedly support businesses that go the extra mile with their customer service, and Inesscents did! Thank you!" - Judy L.



"Inesscents™️ Shea butter is superior! I have tried many different brands of unrefined Shea butter, but this shea butter truly has the healing properties that Shea butter is known for! I love that it comes in bulk tubs and I use it daily! Thank you for being such a trustworthy and reputable company!" - Dr. H. Costello

"I cannot express in words my love and gratitude for your scar serum! This is truly a miracle product. I had surgery last year and this helped me a lot in the healing process. I love being able to buy from a company that is as grounded and determined to remain true to natures gifts. My purchasing experience was quick and easy, product was delivered on time, and I will be stocking up my family with supplies! Thank you for the work you do!" - J. Christopher

"I've used the Mango Butter for three years now. I actually put it on my face. Living in a dry climate has never been so easy! The products are truly unique, divinely scented, and not only do I feel like I'm honoring the Earth when I use them, I feel I'm kissing her and she's kissing me back. Beautiful creations! Thank you." - Micah S.


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