Our Team

Amber Ashley
Founder and formulator at Inesscents Aromatic Botanicals
Certified Aromatherapist, Independent cannabis consultant and product formulator

My name is Amber, and I am the founder, formulator, and visionary behind Inesscents Aromatic Botanicals. My life is a journey filled with education, research, success, failure, study, practice and trial and error – and I am lucky beyond belief to be able to say I absolutely love what I do.

Botanicals found me when I was a teenager, but started to truly pave my life’s path in college. I was living in the heart of an evolving community while attending University of Colorado at Boulder. It was a time when I began to question where our food was coming from, and what effect was it having on my body and on the environment. This also led me to think about the products I was putting on my skin. I traveled to India and Northern Africa where I met people who's love for natures healing botanicals and sacred aromatic oils have been a part of their culture for thousands of years. I listened and learned as much as I could, and came home ready to share not only the materials I brought back with me, but the knowledge as well. My return solidified my love of alchemy. 

I founded Inesscents Aromatic Botanicals in 2000; making it my mission to create products that I wanted for myself and my family; products that were nutrient-dense, botanical superfoods for the skin. Products that were simple but effective. Products that were sourced with care. I wanted to provide a natural alternative to what was available. Inesscents was one of the first organic and fair-trade skin care companies in the country. The goal was not only to provide the means to healthy, glowing skin but also to raise awareness in and around the global economy. I wanted to support a strong and vibrant network of international organic producers and farmers who hold the same values as I do. This is how we have done business since day one. It’s our roots as a company. 

I see myself as an educator of people, plants and business. That purpose fills my heart. I love my family and am a proud mother of a brilliant, bright, smart and talented son. My favorite days are spent in nature; with the southern Oregon mountains in my back yard, wild flowers bursting from the valley floor, and the ocean breeze of my Jamaican second home wafting in the distance.



Sam Shepard
Office Manager + Product Development


Of all of our long time employees, I have been here from (almost) the beginning. Throughout the years I have done just about everything at Inesscents spending many years devoted product development and production. These days you will find me in my own beautiful, plant-filled office processing orders, solving problems and answering customer questions. In fact, if you give us a call - I am the one who will answer.  It's important to me to ensure that the needs of those we do business with are exceeded. Making people's lives a little bit easier and a little bit brighter brings so much joy to my work. 

Passion: I am a botanical enthusiast and love to grow all kinds of plants, inside and out!  My home life is on a farm with my husband, children, goats, dogs, cats, a horse and a llama. Our garden is full of flowers, food and veggies and a true labor of love. Full of vitality and an infectious level of enthusiasm for life – I am always up to something! 


Lindsey Holy
Social Media Manager + Project Manager
Life at Inesscents: My name is Lindsey and I joined the Inesscents team back in 2012. I started in production and shipping before jumping into the role of Office Manager for a short while. From there I moved to working on the backend of the business taking over our website platforms then naturally assuming the role of content developer and social media manager. I have my hands in many Inesscents pots from product development to marketing material development- and you can catch even catch me painting and decorating the warehouse on random weekends.

Passion: My greatest love is teaching yoga. I am a Master Yoga Teacher and have been leading classes for over a decade. I travel the globe leading Yoga Teacher Trainings and keep my heart and dharma full teaching while roaming with Inesscents in my backpack. I'd consider myself a natural leader, and love experiencing life from country to country while calling Inesscents and Ashland, home.


Clayton Childs


I joined the production team at Inesscents in 2012. When I got here, I was new to the body care industry, but over the years I’ve grown as the company has grown. My days mostly consist of melting, measuring, blending and pouring our products. We started with one small bay in a warehouse and now we have three large bays, one dedicated to production! Everyone I work with here is great and this place really does feel like an extension of my family.