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Our skin and hair should be taken care of according to the seasons. As the weather starts to cool down, and winter sinks in our hair and skin start to become drier. So how can you help your skin and hair this winter season?

1.     Exfoliate the Skin: Exfoliating on a daily basis can be too much for the skin, but getting into a routine of using a good body scrub once a week can work to remove old dead skin and help your moisturizer work more effectively. 

2.     Moisturize: There is a fine art to keeping the skin moisturized. Many lotions on the market now have chemicals in them that counteract their very purpose of moisturizing- What?! Why?! How?! The answer is they have water added to them, which ultimately dehydrates the skin. 

  • Wet Moisturizing: The best and most effective time to moisturize is after bathing. Using a body oil or body butter after your shower or bath, is incredibly nourishing for your skin. 
  • Dry Moisturizing: Use body oils and/or butters to help relieve dry skin (pay extra attention to elbows, knees, hands and feet) and help seal in your skins natural moisture.
  • For the Face: Using both oil and lotion can keep your face healthy and happy this winter.
  • Lips: Drinking water will help keep your lips from chapping, but it’s also a great idea to add a lip protectant.

3.     Protect Yourself: If it’s windy, rainy, snowy or just plain cold, it’s important to add on some extra protection (especially for you snow bunnies out there!). Cover as much of your skin as possible when outdoors. Use gloves, hats, scarves and don’t hesitate with your thermal layers. Any area of the skin that will be exposed to the elements should be protected with good body butters or sun screen when appropriate.

4.     Heads Up: The hair is extremely susceptible to the cold. For most of us a natural ‘frizz’ increase goes without saying throughout the winter. Using a small amount of oil in the hair can provide it with the extra hydration it needs. You can put it in while showering or bathing and rinse away or add a small amount to damp hair and dry. Keep your haircuts frequent (every two-three weeks) to ensure the healthy growth factor.