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What is African Black Soap?
African Black Soap is a holistic cleanser providing a gentle and effective way to clean the body from head to toe.  Our African Black Soap is made by hand and fairly-traded from Ghana. It is the traditional soap that has been used by people of West Africa for centuries.  This soap contains no animal fats or chemicals. The dark color of the soap is attributed to the drying, grinding and roasting of cocoa pods and plantain peels, which are then boiled with the addition of local plant oils. The palm oil used in the soap comes from small, sustainable, eco-friendly farms in West Africa. There are no orangutans in this region (or in Africa) as there are in places such as Malaysia. 

African Black Soap is a perfect choice for those looking for a natural soap alternative to what is typically on store shelves. The ingredient list is short and sweet. This gentle cleanser boasts many benefits for healthy skin, hair and scalp. You will be amazed how much lather Afican Black Soap produces without containing potentially harmful ingredients such as lye. Traditionally used for minor skin conditions and irritations, it is also an excellent multi-purpose household cleanser suitable for everything from dishes to floors.

African Black Soap is a for individuals with naturally oily skin (acne prone), or when dealing with a skin ailments such as poison oak, poison ivy, acne or ringworm. Black soap leaves the skin feeling ‘squeaky clean’. 

African black soap is used for the following skin conditions:   

  1. Oily  Skin – Eliminates excess oil from the skin.
  2. Skin Irritations - Minor skin irritations including: allergies, insect bites, ringworm, rashes, poison oak and poison ivy.
  3. Dry Hair and Scalp - Apply to hair and scalp to add moisture to dry, brittle hair; to prevent weak hair from breaking, fading or thinning out; to prevent dandruff; and revitalize split ends. 
  4. Acne - contains antibacterial qualities that may help breakouts.
  5. Household Cleanser - Multi-purpose household cleanser
  6. Non-Toxic Alternative - for those looking for an all natural soap alternative.

Separation may occur due to the extremely natural nature of this soap.

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