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Is Inesscents African Shea butter Grade A?

Inesscents™ Organic Fair Trade Unrefined African Shea Butter is Grade A.

Our Shea Butter is certified by the Oregon Tilth, which holds some of the highest organic certification standards in the country.

Is Inesscents African Shea Butter a raw product?

Shea butter that is unrefined and in its natural state is often referred to as ‘raw’. We choose not to use the term ‘raw’ as heat is required to extract shea butter from the nut.

Our Shea Butter is unrefined and certified organic. It is made according to traditional standards in Ghana.

Do Cocoa Butter and Shea Butter have an SPF?

Cocoa butter and Shea butter are often used by people either to expedite a suntan, or to use as a sunscreen. Both might enhance a natural tan (as any oil-based product will), but should not be counted on to prevent sunburn or protect from the sun's ultraviolet (UV) rays. Both are beneficial to use after the skin is exposed to the sun to rehydrate and repair.

Inesscents Organic Cocoa Butter is labeled for external use only. Is it edible?

Inesscents™ Cocoa Butter tubs contain 100% Organic Fair-Trade Cocoa Butter. There are no additives, preservatives or additional ingredients. Feel free to use this butter as you see fit, but be aware that we a body care company and are not a food grade certified establishment.

What is the shelf life of the Unscented Jojoba Butter?

The shelf life of Inesscents Jojoba Butter is about 18 - 24 months, although it has been known to last a lot longer. In fact, Jojoba Butter can maintain its composure and benefits the longest out of all our Body Butters.

Are Inesscents Organic Body Oils Unrefined?

Inesscents™ oils are cold-pressed, unrefined and packed with vital nutrients.

What is the difference between Clear and Golden Jojoba oil?

Clear and Golden jojoba oil have the same properties. Golden Jojoba Oil is filtered through clay to remove the light aroma and color. The end result is Clear Jojoba Oil - an exceptional base oil and a clean pallet perfect for adding essential oils or other types of scent.

Inesscents Organic Almond Oil is labeled for external use only. Is it edible?

Almond oil is made with broken almond pieces. To be considered food grade, the almonds must be whole. The almond pieces that are separated are considered cosmetic grade.

They are then cold pressed with a stainless-steel press to maintain its many wonderful nutrients such as Vitamin, E and Omega 3 fatty acids.

Why does the Organic Witch Hazel contain alcohol?

Traditionally, alcohol is added to Witch Hazel as a preservative. Organic Alcohol derived from organic, non-gmo corn is added to our Steam Distilled Witch Hazel Extract as an excellent natural preservative which maximizes the shelf life of the extract. This is standard for this product as there is no other adequate organic preservative system that is available.

Conventional Witch Hazels will also be preserved, but primarily use synthetic preservatives or non-organic / low-grade alcohols.

Are Inesscents body care products OK for facial use?

All our products are suited for facial use, although some may be better for your skin type than others. Some of our butters and body oils are too oily or heavy for certain skin types. It is all about finding the right product to balance your specific skin type.

Some of our favorite oils and butters that work great as facial moisturizers are Organic Golden Jojoba Oil, Organic Almond Oil, Magic Mango Butter and Jojoba Butter.

African Black Soap varies in color, from super dark to very light, why is this?

African Black Soap varies in color from a darker brown to a very light tan. This is due to natural oxidation and does not affect the quality of the soap in any way.

Are the oils in African Black Soap saponified?

Yes! That is what makes it a soap! The Cocoa Pod and Plantain Peel ash are the saponifiers and are what help turn the coconut and palm oil into a soap.

Is there Lye or Palm Oil in African Black Soap?

There is no Lye in the African Black Soap. The dark color and creaminess of the soap comes from drying, grinding and roasting cocoa pods and plantain peels. These are turned into ash and then boiled with the addition of local plant oils.

Inesscents™ African Black Soap does contain Palm Oil. We sustainably source our Palm Oil from small, eco-friendly farms in West Africa. This is far away from the destruction to our rainforests and orangutan habitat in Southeast Asia.        

What type of grain is used in the grain alcohol found in Inesscents Phase One Healing Tincture?

We use organic, Non-GMO and gluten free grain alcohol derived from Corn or Sugar Cane.

Why did the dropper to my Tamanu bottle corrode?

Our Tamanu oil must be kept in an upright position to avoid contact with the rubber stopper. Due to the potency of the oil, if it is kept on its side, it will degrade the dropper.

Why aren’t the essential oils used in your perfumes listed in the ingredients?

Our natural perfume oils are made from a proprietary blend of steam distilled essential oils, absolutes or co2 extracts in a base of organic clear jojoba oil. Since it’s a proprietary blend, we do not list this on the label.

Is your Organic Beeswax cosmetic grade?

Yes! With organic beeswax, you can be assured there is NO pesticide or chemical buildup in the wax.






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