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A Spotlight on Liquid Sunshine Natural Perfume Oil

A Spotlight on Liquid Sunshine Natural Perfume Oil

Posted by Sam Sheppard on Apr 20th 2022

As the name suggests, our Liquid Sunshine roll-on perfume evokes a warm and ebullient summer day. We have had feedback from numerous customers letting us know that this scent is an integral part of their daily routine, especially in starting a day filled with uplifting and positive perspective.

Not all essential oils are created equal – sourcing, extraction methods, and age all play important roles in the vibrancy of the aroma. The ingredients list can read like a bestseller, but if all the right components aren’t there, the resulting product can have a “flat” feel or worse yet, have unpleasant attributes to the scent – mustiness, acridity or vinegary notes are definitely not what we’re looking for!!!

Another element that goes into the creating of a masterfully blended perfume is the synergy of ingredients. There are occasions where a magical melding happens and the oils bring out the best in each other and combine in such a way, where it’s better described as a fusion. Other times, no matter how much you want it to work, certain scents never achieve cohesion and remain (in an olfactory sense) layered apart from each other.

To achieve the final resulting perfume, a blend might be modified and adjusted over 50 times. The initial blend, once given a chance to rest for a few days can change enough that an adjustment is required. Meticulous notes are made with each revision until the final result meets all the criteria for an Inesscents perfume. 

Our roll-ons are formulated for an aroma-therapeutic experience, bringing you closer to the truest expression of self.